About Sky Sanctuary

Sky Sanctuary was founded in 2011 and is the product of UK-based Joey Cohen’s musical creations. Born as a 90s child, Joey’s passion for retro video games such as Sonic The Hedgehog and his love for heavy metal music would inevitably see the fusion of both worlds and set the stage for Sky Sanctuary. With technical guitar prowess and a seamless blend of 8-bit and 16-bit overtones, Joey’s instrumental compositions provide the listener with a unique brand of progressive metal in an epic virtual video game experience.

January of 2012 saw the release of Joey’s debut concept album Insert Coin(s): a 30-minute adventure that takes on the persona of an arcade platform game in the style of “zones” ending with an epic final boss battle. Having made it to the top 10 releases of 2012 on got-djent.com, Insert Coin(s) only reflects the beginning of Joey’s vision in what can be achieved in musical story telling – as he continues to further refine his sound while changing the landscape of contemporary metal in the process.